When the property owner decides to sell their new home, we’ll refer them back to you! We love to recommend our trusted business partners.

Refer your long term rental clients to IPG and receive 25% of the first month's rent, paid to your brokerage.

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Back to You

25% Commission for Long-Term Rentals

For every night that their short term rental is booked by IPG, we'll give you 3% of the homeowner's rental income for as long as they remain under IPG's short term rental management program.

PLUS Earn 3% Gross Rental Income

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Are your clients ready to get the most out of their new home in Florida? IPG Florida Vacation Homes is ready to help your clients take advantage of their new property in the vacation capital of the world with both short term and long term rental programs. Let us take care of your clients’ property management needs and we’ll reward you for referring us to great people!

We'll pay you $1,250 for every short term rental property that you refer to IPG Florida once they sign up for our premiere rental management program.

Receive $1,250 in Referral Fees

Earn great rewards by joining the IPG Florida Realtor Referral Program for absolutely FREE! Refer your clients to IPG for all of their property management needs and you'll have the potential to make $1,250 plus 3% gross rental income for as long as that property is under IPG Management.

Earn 3% Gross Rental Income for Life!

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